Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fred's Pet Peeves

My Lovely Anonymous,

Yes, even pets can have pet peeves! Here are some of mine:

The vacuum cleaner
People who leave gum wrappers all over the place
Empty water bowls
Deli meats
People who chew on ice in a loud and annoying manner when other people and pets are trying to sleep
Itchy ears
Short people who try to take pictures of Fred when Fred is sleeping
People who don't leave room for Fred on the couch or on the bed

These are just a few of the things that make Fred fume. And yes, that is a photo of my handsome self in the top right corner.

Love always,

Your Freddy


Anonymous said...

So lovely to hear from you Fred as well. Love the picture! Thank you. Regarding pet peeves, it's not easy Fred putting up with such things. A Philosopher I work for tells me that self-centerness (sp?) is the disease of the century and I think that's where most of our grips stem from. I mean, I just crossed the street and I had the right of way and someone almost ran me over and gave me the finger. Humans! You can have them. And, some people say dogs are dirty! You should have seen the movie theatre I left the other night. Oy! What a mess. Again, people! Sorry Fred I get a little excited about these things.

Anonymous said...

Hope I didn't scare you yesterday Fred. Today, I'm reflecting. Why do some of us live in such big doghouses and some of us have to scrounge so hard for bones? What do you think Fred? And what do you think Saint Bernards think when they see an icon of Saint Bernard?