Friday, July 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of Fanny

Hello, this is guest blogger Fanny Duboff. Fred blogged about his day yesterday and many people have asked to learn more about my exciting life. How could I disappoint my many fans? Here you go, darlings:

6 am: Awaken from Beauty Sleep. First rubdown of the day.

6:15 am: Lead yoga class (I am well-known for my downward dog).

6:45 am: Walk my humans. Dictate memo to Bill Gates.

7 am: Refreshing drink of filtered water. Light breakfast of organic, free-range dog kibble.

7:30 am: Humans finally vacate my living space. Settle down for a Power Nap in air-conditioned bliss.

10 am: Work on novel.

1 pm: Lunch with Hillary Clinton, Oprah, The Dalai Lama, and Bono.

2:30 pm: Chess tournament.

4 pm: Watch Oprah's show while I work on my paintings.

5 pm: The first human arrives home. Walk her, then return home for milkbone smoothie and rubdown.

6 pm: Conference call on my plan for peace in the Middle East.

7 pm: Instruct human on dinner preparation as I lie on rug and growl at Frederick.

8 pm: Power nap.

9 pm: Moonlight meditation walk.

10 pm: Time for my Beauty Sleep!



Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Day in the Life of Fred

Are you aware of the busy life Fred leads? Let me take you into just one day so you can see how action-packed my schedule can be.

6 am: My Mommies wake up. Fred rolls over, thinks about milkbones and butterflies.

6:30 am: Walk with Mommy and Fanny. Circle and circle and...oh, a bee! Now, what was I doing? I forgot.

Why is Fanny annoyed with me?

7-7:30 am: Drink water. Eat some organic dog food.

7:30 am: Mommies leave for work. Fred hops on bed and naps.

7:30 am-3 pm: Naptime, with occasional water breaks. Wonder when, or if, Mommies will come home.

3:00-5 pm: Fred moves to the living room to watch General Hospital and Oprah. Fred tries to lay on comfy rug. Fanny growls.

5:00 pm: Lizo home! Jump up and down like a dancing bear.

5:15 pm: Walk with Lizo. Visit Willow, the neighboring cairn terrier. Lizo sings to Fred, which helps "move things along."

5:45 pm: Whew, that walk was exhausting! Drink some water, eat some kibble, sleep.

7 pm: It's hamburger night!

7:30-10pm: Nap.

10 pm: Cuddle time with Mama Lizo and bedtime.

What a day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fred is out of sorts

I am having a lot of trouble adjusting to Mommy's new work schedule. I was feeling secure having her home most of the time, and now she leaves in the morning and I don't know if I'll ever see her again.

I think Fanny is feeling it, too. Neither of us has been eating during the day. First off, speaking for myself, I'm a little depressed without Mommy around. Also, who knows when she'll be back to fill up the food bowl with our special organic food, pour some filtered water into Fred's tureen, and sing to me?

Mama Lizo tried to spiff up the living room for us and make us more comfortable during the day by adding a cheerful rug to our living space (picture of cheerful rug is above right). Fanny and I do like it - so much so that we've been arguing over it. Fanny lies down on it, spreads herself out, and growls at me. What's a gentle hound to do?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fred is a Travel Buff

Mama Lizo is going to Seattle in September. Fred wants to go, too. After all, the hotel is Fred-friendly.

BTW, it rained way too much this morning. Lizo left the living room lights on for us, but still, Fred gets scared when there is rain and lightning and thunder. Even Fanny gets scared! If anyone has any tips on how I could be not so scared, please let Fred know.


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