Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fred Likes Babies (Sometimes)

Look, Suri Cruise really exists! Here's her first picture from Vanity Fair.

Ah, I remember the first time my pictures were printed in Cosmopuplitan, when I was a wee pup. It's a special time.

Anyway, sometimes Fred likes babies, and sometimes they make Fred so nervous that he must run from their groping hands and hide in the bedroom. The little ones are especially fond of pulling on Freddy's ears.


Anonymous said...

Fred, what you have to do in these situations is hang around the highchairs when they're eating. It could be very beneficial for you if you know what I mean.

Fred said...

Indeed. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous!

PS: Doesn't Suri have kind of a big nose, at least from that angle? I guess Mom and Dad Cruise had better start saving up for a rhinoplasty. Fanny taught me that word, if you're wondering.

Anonymous said...

Well Fred, seeing that she lives in Hollywood I would say she better have that fixed by the time she's two. Image is everything!