Monday, September 11, 2006

Don't go, Mommy!

Mommy Lizo is going away on a business trip today. She'll be gone until Friday. I wish she wouldn't go, especially since Mama Carol isn't feeling well.

Mommy Lizo takes us out for our afternoon walk and gives us milkbones and sings to me. I will miss her while she's away in silly Albany.

I love you, Mommy Lizo.




Anonymous said...

Dear Fred,

I expect that Mama Lizo will come home and have a special treat for you! In the meantime, take good care of Mama Carol and give her extra love ;0)

Fred said...

Mommy Lizo called and told me that she told the other nice librarians about me at dinner and showed them my picture and read them a Fredku. She also found out that there is a pet store just down the road from her hotel, so maybe she can walk over there and buy Fred a little treat.

Did I mention that I love you, Mommy?



Anonymous said...

See Fred, I told you that you would be making out from Mama Lizo's trip :)
Keep giving Mama Carol TLC and help her to get better!