Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fred Hates Being Wet

Why do you make it rain, mommy? Why? WHY?

Mommy makes the rain, you know.

To the left, a (very wet) photo of my handsome self.


Anonymous said...

Fred, I hope Mommy gives you a good rub down when you come in out of the rain. I know how cruel life can be! The least people can do would be to give you some nice treats after making you get wet!

Anonymous said...

Can't Mama Carol get you some nifty Met rain gear? Come on, She's got the $$

Fred said...

Yes, Anonymous, Mommy Lizo (who usually ends up walking us when it rains these days - AHEM) always gives us a lovely yummy rubdown. She wipes Fred's head and his tummy and his ears and his paws. She doesn't usually use one of the good towels, though - just a plain old one that was probably stolen from a hotel or purhcased at WalMart something. Can you talk to her about that?

Fred said...

How much $$ do you think Mama Carol has for pricey Met pet gear after she's done payig for rent and bully stix and high-speed online access and all of the other things her Freddy needs?

Maybe you could do something about this, Anonymous? Is there someone we could talk to about getting Mama Carol a separate Fred Allowance? Or maybe you could give the allowance directly to Fred? Yeah, I like that.

Anonymous said...

Fred doesn't ask for much materially speaking--some rain gear, a nice towel...he's a well taken care of individual I would say.