Sunday, October 19, 2008

Killer Duboff

According to the terms of our contract, Fanny and I are entitled to at least three walks per day, sometimes more. We have, at minimum, the Morning Constitutional and Neighborhood Sniff, the Afternoon Pull 'n' Poo, and the Evening Stargazing Pee.

On Saturday, Mama Lizo agreed to take us for the early morning walk, mostly 'cause Mama Carol shamed her into it. As we ambled down the front stoop (which is on the side, but whatever), Fanny spied a tiny black froo froo dog in a sweater sniffing near our house.

She ran after the tiny dog.

According to the dog's owner, she bit the stupid little thing.

Mama Lizo was very apologetic and told the froo froo dog's froo froo owner to come see her if there are any vet bills. I tried to make friends with the little furry thing, but it bared its teeth at me.

Fred just wants to be friends.

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