Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Day in the Life of Fred

Are you aware of the busy life Fred leads? Let me take you into just one day so you can see how action-packed my schedule can be.

6 am: My Mommies wake up. Fred rolls over, thinks about milkbones and butterflies.

6:30 am: Walk with Mommy and Fanny. Circle and circle and...oh, a bee! Now, what was I doing? I forgot.

Why is Fanny annoyed with me?

7-7:30 am: Drink water. Eat some organic dog food.

7:30 am: Mommies leave for work. Fred hops on bed and naps.

7:30 am-3 pm: Naptime, with occasional water breaks. Wonder when, or if, Mommies will come home.

3:00-5 pm: Fred moves to the living room to watch General Hospital and Oprah. Fred tries to lay on comfy rug. Fanny growls.

5:00 pm: Lizo home! Jump up and down like a dancing bear.

5:15 pm: Walk with Lizo. Visit Willow, the neighboring cairn terrier. Lizo sings to Fred, which helps "move things along."

5:45 pm: Whew, that walk was exhausting! Drink some water, eat some kibble, sleep.

7 pm: It's hamburger night!

7:30-10pm: Nap.

10 pm: Cuddle time with Mama Lizo and bedtime.

What a day!

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