Friday, July 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of Fanny

Hello, this is guest blogger Fanny Duboff. Fred blogged about his day yesterday and many people have asked to learn more about my exciting life. How could I disappoint my many fans? Here you go, darlings:

6 am: Awaken from Beauty Sleep. First rubdown of the day.

6:15 am: Lead yoga class (I am well-known for my downward dog).

6:45 am: Walk my humans. Dictate memo to Bill Gates.

7 am: Refreshing drink of filtered water. Light breakfast of organic, free-range dog kibble.

7:30 am: Humans finally vacate my living space. Settle down for a Power Nap in air-conditioned bliss.

10 am: Work on novel.

1 pm: Lunch with Hillary Clinton, Oprah, The Dalai Lama, and Bono.

2:30 pm: Chess tournament.

4 pm: Watch Oprah's show while I work on my paintings.

5 pm: The first human arrives home. Walk her, then return home for milkbone smoothie and rubdown.

6 pm: Conference call on my plan for peace in the Middle East.

7 pm: Instruct human on dinner preparation as I lie on rug and growl at Frederick.

8 pm: Power nap.

9 pm: Moonlight meditation walk.

10 pm: Time for my Beauty Sleep!



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