Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fred is Going Grassroots

If you know Fred, you know that Fred loves him some Oreo Cakesters. And baby carrots. And microwaved 94% fat free popcorn.

But mostly Oreo Cakesters, and that's what this new, grassroots movement is about. If you are a fan of the Oreo Cakester, Fred would like to encourage you to contact Nabisco and ask them to feed our habit with two new versions:

1) the vanilla cake / vanilla creme Cakester

2) the vanilla cake / chocolate creme Cakester.

Here is a link to Nabisco's FAQ and comment form.

Many thanks to Pascale for locating that vital information on the World Wide Woof.

I would send Nabisco a message right now, but my paws and mouth are full of cakey goodness.

Love and Cakesters,


1 comment:

pascale said...

Hey Fred! Your blog is very fun & witty and I love the Oreo Cakesters too!