Friday, June 01, 2007

Fred is Much Less Furry

Happy Shabbat, y'all. Momma Lizo is being a bad Jew and working tonight over at the 'berry. Fanny is home with me and preparing to light the candles. I'm not allowed to do this because a) I'm male and b) I would probably set my wet little nose on fire. Reminds me of the time our dear departed Archie, the cat son of Momma's aunt and uncle, burned off his whiskers on the Chanukah candles. RIP Archie!

My sister and I had spa treatments yesterday at Unleashed, a way hip dog salon on Main Street. We left feeling cooler and pounds lighter after the fabulous Laura gave us our summer 'dos. At right: a photo of a furrier me that will be featured in Mommy's summer exhibit at the Bellmore Memorial Library. Fred's a star!



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