Friday, April 13, 2007

Let My Freddy Go!

Dear Faithful Readers,

This post is being relayed by Fred via me. He says that his Mama Carol has disciplined him about his recent posts. Specifically, Mama Carol was annoyed by the posts suggesting that 1) she cannot cook and 2) she should cook for Fred.

Mama Carol has told Fred not to blog anymore until he apologizes for his uncomplementary remarks about the woman who "picks up his poo, cleans his ears, and always keeps the water bowl full."

On my part, I must echo our Freddy's assertion that Carol cannot cook. Trust me. If I didn't cook or otherwise procure food for her, the woman would eat Chinese take-out for every meal.

In any case, Fred would like you and his Mama to know that he is most grievously sorry and he did not mean to offend anyone.

As ever,


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