Friday, December 29, 2006

Everybody's a Critic

Mama Lizo produced a lovely family calendar this year. Fanny was selected as the cover girl and I was awarded the coveted title of Miss January. Mama tried to include as many family members as possible in the calendar, but still received this message from an irate family member:
Dear Lpizo(sorry about the typo, it's hard to type with paws)

I am quite distressed that photos of your two mangy mutts made the final cut to your 2007 calendar, yet I - a cocker spaniel of pure breed stock - was omitted, only to receive a consolation prize of my birthday printed in your September section. Was this an oversight?, as I cannot imagine how I (pictured above) could not be included! Just look at my features!! Finely pointed snout, perfectly symmetrical tongue, and I can drive!!

Thank you.

Jackson Domino Olesh

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